Thursday, October 6, 2011


Today I have a confession to make. I am an amateur. That's not my confession though, cuz everyone knows that. The fact is I am ignorant, and in my ignorance I promised something that is pretty much impossible. For me.

Making step-by-step tutorials of everything I make is like writing a 100 point essay the night before it's due. In other words it's your worse nightmare. Especially when you are making it all up as you go. Which is exactly what I do.

In all actuality I pretty much keep my fingers crossed and my bottom lip bit the whole time, just hoping whatever I'm working on turns out. And when it does... That's totally awesome but I don't know how to duplicate it. And when it doesn't... Well then I keep trying till it does. Sometimes I have to change it 4, 5, 15 times! So as you can imagine taking pictures of steps I may eventually have to take out or change is incredibly chaotic. Impossible, really. So here is a more realistic promise for the crowd:

I pledge to make tutorials of all the designs that make sense. Otherwise I will just post pictures of finished products in all their splendorous grandeur in hopes that they may serve as a source of inspiration to anyone with a green thumb for creating.

My last little tid-bit for the day is pretty cool, too. I created this blog to be a means by which I can share my talents with others. It is a blog that encapsulates my passions, which are also my hobbies. I realized last night that the most prominent passion in my life has always been that of writing. As a child it was chicken-scratched biographies of my mother, then it shifted to poetry, short stories, and eventually song writing. Although I don't do it much anymore, writing is a huge part of my life, and I enjoy it emmensely! So some posts, like this one, may not include pictures at all, heck, they may even be as uninteresting as ever! But I will write because I love to. And I really hope you can enjoy my driveling... Or perhaps be amused by it. Or not. But words make for good fillers between lulls in life. They really do. And writing in full sentences makes you smarter. And cooler. And more attractive. Ok that's probably not true, but it at very least gives you a break from Facebook jargon which, if you ask me, totally sucks. Where on earth did intelligent communication go??? For reals people. For reals.


  1. Mariah,
    Vincint gave me the link to your blog! I haven't had a lot of time today to check it out, but I have "followed" you so I hope to have time soon to look closer.

    You've grown into such a beautiful lady.

  2. Thank you so much! I took some time last night to look at your website, I LOVE the champagne glass holder, what a cool idea!