Friday, October 7, 2011

Shoe Closet.

This sturdy little structure is a miracle. For far too long, the closet that Jordan and I share has been outrageously unorganized and overflowing with MY shoes, so I finally got up and did something about it! I drew the design the night before, and for the most part stuck to it pretty closely. Jordan has been storing wood from his glory days working at Boise, and so ultimately, I had most of what I needed. My friend, Hilary helped me tote all of the boards to my brother-in-law's to use his circular saw. I am terrible at cutting strait with that thing. But in the end, I made it work and constructed this blasted thing. Wood screws and Gorilla glue, baby! Oh. And baby Della:) I did do some sanding on it, just in case you were wondering. Before and after it was painted.

Hilary and I went to Home Depot to get the trim, a cheap little drawer nob and a few other things. So here is what it looked like when I got to painting it (I just used paint I already had, mixing black and white till I got the shade I preferred).

Here you see the trim more closely. There are TONS to choose from there, but I liked this one a lot. Once the gray paint was dry, I got some totally rad scrapbook paper from Joann's and Mod Podged it onto the drawer and in one of the cubbies. Mod Podge as an adhesive, and Mod Podge as a clear coat. Worked beautifully. Then, I diluted some white paint and put a few words on there like "lovely" and a couple hearts, and then made random paint splatters and drips to boot. The last step was putting those dark metal sheets across the backs of the open cubbies. I had a 4-foot strip of that stuff laying around for over 2 years, so I cut them, drilled holes in the corners and then fastened them to the back of the shelf to

A) Hang heels on and

B) Keep shoes from sliding out the back.

I LOVE that aspect of my shoe shelf.

Like so:

Ye-yeah! This baby totally rocks my socks. It also holds my socks... that's what the drawer is for. I made the black little boxes afterwards, to optimize the shoe storage capacity. Not too shabby. I am just hippety-hoppety-happy that our closet is finally rid of my shoe plague!

Oh yes! I almost forgot! I made little fabric flowers and put them on it, too. I thought that was a fun little twist:) Ok! See ya soon, raccoon!

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