Sunday, March 23, 2014

UP HOUSE Printable Template!

Well, I think I pulled it off. And since there's no reason for me to hoard my design, I thought I'd share it with ya'll, and hopefully you can get some good use out of it! I've made them available in both black/white and in color. You can download the full-resolution images here:

I got mine printed at Staples. The original image is HUGE, so you could get it printed on poster board if you wanted to, and make a massive version. I used a hot glue gun to assemble it. Also, there is purposefully a hole in the bottom, to make it easier to string the balloons through the roof. You can easily cover it up if you don't like the way it looks by tracing around the bottom of the house once it's finished:) ALSO, I RECOMMEND WAITING TO GLUE THE BOTTOM FLAPS TOGETHER TILL VERY LAST! (Otherwise, you're going to have one heck of a time putting the roof on. Just sayin').

If you're wondering how heavy it was... Around 1 1/2 oz. And if you're wondering how many balloons it takes to lift 1 1/2 oz... It takes about 9, 11-inch balloons filled with helium. We used ten, and it soared even with a bit of extra weight on it! So be careful, cuz one little slip and your cute little UP house could be on it's way to Paradise Falls!

It takes some brain work, putting it all together. Unfortunately, I didn't number the flaps or color coat them, or make it in any way easy to follow. I apologize for that, but I did make a little map that will HOPEFULLY help! If you have any questions on the assembly though, just let me know:) Good luck and enjoy!

I received an inquiry about the A pieces connecting to house section #3. There are two crease marks missing, that will make ALL the difference in fitting them together:

First off, there needs to be two bends on this piece. Straight across from where the blue siding ends on each side. (I purposefully did NOT make a crease line, because I didn't like the look of a black line through the fish scale siding, but it's kind of a necessary step!) And another bend on the top line of the white siding.

The second error I made is this: there should be a crease line like so: (I penciled it in).

Then bend it under.

And this is how they fit together:

Hope that helps!


Hi there! I finally got to putting another little house together, and found that uhhhh yeah... #7 is a piece of work! I have no idea how I ever got it to work the first time around, but I'll show you what I did to fix it, and have updated the printable version as well.

First: I snipped the whole thing in half, like so. And then made a little slice on the bottom left piece (if you look closely you can see it).

Then I slid it right into place.

The other piece I glued to the inside, just on the scalloped edge along the bottom so it leaves room to slide the roof between the siding and the #7 roof pieces. It should look something like this:

And then all you have to do is put the roof on, it's not perfect (nothing about this little house IS perfect, I'm not a professional-anything, but it's still cute all the same!)

I hope that clears things up, and I'm SO sorry for the confusion/frustration. That really did not work the way it was supposed to:) 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Latest Sewing Projects

The Lorax, a kitty for Della's friend, and three new dresses for Della, including her very own princess gown:)

There's Some Catching Up to Do

I have been working on several art projects, mostly to do with design.

This year's Valentine from Della included an individual sprinkle doughnut to her friends:)
Last year's looked like this (obviously the healthier option) 

My current project is for Della Bean's upcoming 3rd birthday. Here are two out of the five templates I've made to create a box inspired by the UP house. 

 To go along with that theme, I'm also making "Ellie Badges" for Dell and her little friends. 

And a coloring page...

Aside from that, I've been obsessing over the idea of learning to screen print at home. With that in mind, I made some simple designs that someday, I'll be able to start with! Here are a few:

If ever you want to use my designs for a project, that's fine! Odds are you'll get to it before me:) Beware, some of them are inspired by designs I've seen elsewhere, so don't go selling them or anything. Personal use only:) We don't want any angry artists about!