Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tree Huggers Hamper

Aside from the fact that I can't spell, it turned out perfectly. I love how big it is (it comes to my waist) and I added two wheels on the left side so that I can move it with ease. For all of the supplies I spent $40, which might sound like a lot, but for a hamper this size and quality, it's actually really cheap! I'm sure someone who is EVEN MORE frugal than I am could do better, though!

The color I chose is Martha Stewart's Duck Egg with a white-wash finish. My husband suggested I make a hamper instead of buying the $120 one I wanted... But he wasn't exactly thrilled that I turned it into such an extensive art project. Apparently my problem is that I like things to look "pretty". At least the worst criticism I get from him is that I have good taste! Even if my good taste is a bit expensive. I don't know what else he expected though, after two years of marriage you think he'd know better:) I always go overboard on my projects. I love making beautiful things, and I'm incapable of breaking that creative cycle. It's just in me, and it's in me for good.

Now. I'm one step closer to having a coordinating home! That is the best news of all!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bookshelf Re-Painted and Sanded to Death!

I got this crazy-colored paint from Hilary Obzansky and decided to paint our nasty bookshelf. After 3 coats of the green-colored stuff, it was glowing neon in our kitchen and for a second I didn't know what to do with it! Then I diluted some white paint and wiped it over the entire surface to soften the color a bit, and then sanded it like crazy, here there and everywhere for a very antique look. And. I. LOVE. IT. So much in fact, that I will be painting my framed mirror next! 

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Wall Art and Chocolate Covered Cherries

It's been a busy week. I have done so many projects and the time has just flown. So, you know all of those quotes that are floating around Facebook these days? The ones that get posted to your wall and make you annoyed? Until you read it, and depending on what it says you get even more annoyed or perhaps a little less before you remove it from your wall? Well I saw one of those on Pinterest and actually was impressed. It said, "I want to have adventures with you". It was cute and simple and I loved it instantly. So I decided to make it my own:) I had two old canvases laying around so I slathered them with white paint and designed this cute, two-piece wall art. I painted it freehand, so it has a sloppy look to it, but it's meant to look like that, so don't be too critical;) and the color I used is Martha Stewart's Duck Egg. Then those stinking cherries. They are so much work, and half of them didn't turn out due to contaminated chocolate... But what I learned from this experience, and my last making these is that it is better to use stemmed cherries. Much, much easier to dip them that way, and I personally think they look cuter. Ok, just one more big project on my list this week before I can sit back and relax. For a day. Before the crazies of the holidays are here! It's going to be amazing!

Stocking Holder and Santa Sacks

I had this brilliant idea of making this since we don't have a fireplace to hang our stockings over. Oh wait, what stockings? Those bulky mishapen ones I made last year that we never used? And Della's that doesn't exist? Ok, so we have like zero Christmas decorations. That's right, I forgot a little. But that made me even more eager to get started on this! I get so sick of the traditional red, green and white Christmas ornaments. But at the same time the blue and silvers are just over the top. So I decided to take out the green altogether and and just have a red and white Christmas. If ever I do add green, it will be a minty green. Just because. Then I remembered how much I struggled last year making those two awful stockings and took a different route... And made Santa Sacks! And yes I came up with that title all by my self. I bought kitchen towels at the dollar store and lined them with a thin white material I got at Joann's for $1. I think I love them. The board that I painted is huge. Not exactly what I had in mind but it's what we had, so I made it work. With the help of my handy friend, Hilary, we made a stencil with her Silhouette and I painted it on. I chose "Happy Christmas" because it has such an old-European feel to it. The drawer nobs were cheaper hooks, so I got those at Home Depot. It's going to be a merry little Christmas!


I made this months ago, but forgot to share it! This is Willow the Armadillo, and we love him. It was a tough sewing project, and since, as usual, I was winging it, I don't have the means to duplicate it, and I doubt I could duplicate it, even if I did:) which is too bad cuz he turned out so cute.

Magnetic Key Board

It's not what you thought, huh? I've had this particular idea for quite some time now, but needed to find some ooberly strong magnets to pull it off. So I mentioned it to my husband and voila, a solution was presented. He works as a DVR technician, and in every computer he works with, there are two magnets in the hard drives. So when the hard drives go bad, they often go through the somewhat meticulous task of dismantling it and using ONE of the magnets to hold up tape guns. You heard me right, those big, hefty red ones.

So he brought me home a few (Free! The best deal ever!) and I traced the outlines of four magnets onto a wooden plaque, had my husband whittle it out with a leatherman (I'm sure there are better tools for the task) and used gorilla glue, with a folded sheet of computer paper sandwiched  between the wood and a book, with a heavy object on it overnight. Of course the paper got stuck to it, but I knew I had to sand out the bumps anyway, so it worked out great! Once I had the surface smooth as can be, I painted it white and mod-podged some scrapbook paper onto it to make this cute, and very handy key-holder. No hooks needed! I love it, I would make another one for my belts if only the buckles were magnetic! Cool right???

Thursday, December 1, 2011

A WhoVille Christmas Dress

This was the sketch that I based my design off of. It evolved into this, the final design, after many rough drafts. I was imagining Della as a WhoVille citizen and decided on the pastel green and hot pink rather than following the tradition Christmas red and green. And the flower ended up on her head instead:)