Thursday, October 6, 2011

Shake it like an Elephant!

So I learned a lot from this project! I used Prismacolor markers on some scrap fabric to create this fun piece of art. What I did was perfect my design on a large sheet of paper first, and then just traced it onto the fabric. The markers bleed a bit, but not to fear! To clean up the edges and make them look sharp, I used a white chalk marker. After I finished coloring in the elephant, I totally despised how it looked against the WHITE cloth I had used. So, my plan was to dye it tan. But by then this was going through my head, "Aaaawww snap! The chalk marker is washable, that won't work. And who knows if the color will hold up in the wash!" But not to fear again, for Mod Podge came to my rescue. I just put a coat over the the picture (and lettering), let it dry and bang. Preserved. The color did fade a bit, but I like it even better that way! It makes it look authentically worn. And worn is great when you want it... worn. Yup.
You can choose any way to present it, but this particular frame is SUPER heavy. To hold it up I just snipped off the top of an old metal hanger, used pliers to twist the wires through the holes in the back and voila! A hanging elephant for my bare, bare wall.
You can see in this picture below that the chalk marker dyed a bit darker. Again, I like that look.
Prismacolor markers are the shiz by the way! So useful, versatile and EASY to make look good. They are like magic.

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