Monday, October 24, 2011

Fuzzers for Winter!

It's that time of year again! Cold weather brings on the yarn and crochet hooks for me. Della was in need of a cute and warm winter hat, so I got some sock yarn from Joann's and set to work. To get the effect I wanted, I double two different colors of the yarn and used a bigger crochet hook. Like So:

I don't use patterns, I just use heads (my head, my husband's head, Della's head, whoever's head is handy) to gauge the size of it all the way around. All of it is double-crochet until the bottom, where I did a popcorn stitch (4 doubles in the same hole, skip 4, 4 doubles in the same hole etc.) and added the pom-pom and ear flaps afterwards. If anyone wants to know how to do the pom-pom let me know! It's SUPER easy.

Here are a few pics so you can (kind of) get the full effect. 

 Happy Crocheting!

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