Monday, October 10, 2011


I love swings. The breeze, the motion, the subtle thrill... The child-like tendencies and memories that inevitably connote swingsets will forever be housed in this heart of mine.

Similarly, I love trees. The tallest, widest and oldest of them all. Especially in the fall, when they change colors and drop their leaves!

Growing up I used to climb to the tops of pine trees during wind storms and hold to the branches as they swayed back and forth, gently and powerfully, in the most calming, peaceful and indescribable way.The hushing sound of the wind through all the branches, and that complete feeling of freedom was better than candy... Better than money, better than anything tangible I knew! And fear was never an option, never even a thought. Up, up, up through branches, pitch and bark, and through those same branches, down, down, down I had to climb, (and the descent I might add is always more challenging) but not once did I fall, maybe because I never feared falling. You can't at those heights... fear is what hinders your judgement and loosens your grip and makes your feet clumsy. No, I felt at home in a tree, the rough moss was familiar to my touch, and I trusted myself, and however oddly this my occur to you, I always trusted the tree, too. I almost think it was imperative to build a sort of relationship as I climbed, with the trees that lifted me, and never dropped me. I was always grateful, and humbled, as the branches supported me, and grateful to the wind, too, for pushing us along in it's sweet, warm, cold and unceasing breath. And I was always proud of my scrapes, too.

I love lush grass. Walking barefoot in it. Throwing out a blanket over it for an afternoon nap or picnic. I love the lines imprinted in it after it's mowed. I love the smell of it, and sound of it when it's wet under my shoes. I love when flowers pop out of it, even those dastardly dandelions. Grass is the most welcoming and attractive contribution to a home. And what makes a park a park. I take my hat off, and my shoes, too, to every blade of grass I have ever touched. Cheers my jolly green giant friend!

The next love of my life is called a peach. I like the saying "I'm peachy" and I love the taste of ripe peaches sliced up in cream. The smell is sweetly seductive... Like nectar to a hummingbird. There is something romantic about a peach, much like diamonds, they are timeless and tasteful. And the fact I love peaches makes me a lovable person. And that is the power of the peach. And if you're not careful it will cast its spell on you! If it hasn't already.

And then there were pillows. Big, white, fluffy pillows. I believe you already know what I mean... I've always wanted to sleep in a cloud kind of fluffy. Drink a sunset kind of fluffy.

Someday, when I own a nice camera, I will experiment and practice with it because I love good photography. And that way, I will always have a picture for my topic... For every THING I love.

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