Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Fourth of July Punch Board meets Balloon Toss (SO MUCH FUN!)

Alright. I wanted to test this one out before sharing my idea with the world. It ended up being a huge hit, so here goes. It started out as a traditional punch board, but I hot glued some of those confetti poppers to the inside of the cup, and they gave a nice "pop" once you pulled the string. We sang a patriotic song if the kids chose that one. 

I got 18-inch balloons from Target... they're HUGE and so fun! 

Rules to the balloon game: If the balloon hits the ground OR if someone grabs it/holds onto it, you have to start the song aaalll the way over! It gets a little rowdy, so another rule I made was once it hit the ground or someone held onto it, the balloon came back to me and everyone had to be in their seats quietly before we could start again. I'd like to hear how it goes for someone else, if someone decides to use it:)

As a disclaimer, I will never use tissue paper again. I'll use dollar store wrapping paper instead (plus our dollar store carries foam board, win-win!)

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