Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Aaaand.... ACTION!

The ghost is the bane of my existence. But these come in handy:)


  1. These are so fun! Do you have it outlined somewhere which action that each picture represents? (There's a few that I'm not sure about but I'd love to use these

    1. Hi there! There are several that you can decide what you want to be! (I kinda did that on purpose) Like, the shoe could be "if you have black shoes on, stand up" or a "tap your foot" action. Some are actions and some are characteristics. The blonde hair could be "sing if you have blonde hair" OR "If you have a pony-tail". So there's a lot of wiggle room:)

    2. Gotchya! So...why is the ghost the bane of your existence??

    3. OH! It's just REALLY hard to sing like a ghost! I end up just embarrassing myself;)