Tuesday, March 4, 2014

There's Some Catching Up to Do

I have been working on several art projects, mostly to do with design.

This year's Valentine from Della included an individual sprinkle doughnut to her friends:)
Last year's looked like this (obviously the healthier option) 

My current project is for Della Bean's upcoming 3rd birthday. Here are two out of the five templates I've made to create a box inspired by the UP house. 

 To go along with that theme, I'm also making "Ellie Badges" for Dell and her little friends. 

And a coloring page...

Aside from that, I've been obsessing over the idea of learning to screen print at home. With that in mind, I made some simple designs that someday, I'll be able to start with! Here are a few:

If ever you want to use my designs for a project, that's fine! Odds are you'll get to it before me:) Beware, some of them are inspired by designs I've seen elsewhere, so don't go selling them or anything. Personal use only:) We don't want any angry artists about!

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  1. I made all the scouts screen printed T's for camp one year and it was super easy, a bit messy and less than perfect, but what we did worked with that vibe. One color is easiest and fastest because you just need one screen, but by all means, have fun and try it. The "screen" material is cheep, you probably already have an embroidery hoop and you can mix fabric medium ($1.ish) into any craft paint you already have so go crazy and make Henry or Della a few t's or cover over stained onesies, etc. I keep looking for more reasons to use my screen. You are amazing and I love the things you make and design. That box is awesome!