Wednesday, January 22, 2014

H&M Bib Hack Tutorial

Here's where I got my inspiration. It's not exact, but close enough for me! 

I salvaged the back of this filthy thing! Tshirt material is the best cuz it's soft and flexible.

Here are the pieces you'll need:
Start by lining up the points and adjusting the top material to fit the shape, like so.
Then make some mirrored pleats.
I swear by Fabri-Tac, it keeps everything in place. If you don't have it, pins work great, too.

Place the two neck pieces facing right-sides together like shown.
Pin and sew.

Cut off the excess.
It should look like this when layed out.
Then put this piece and the backing right sides together.
Pin those babies together!
When sewing, start near the point and move up, and once you've come full circle, make sure you've left room at the bottom to turn it right-side-out. (You'll see what I mean 4 pictures down).

There will be a little bit of excess Tshirt material around the scoop of the neck, to ensure you sew the two pieces together properly, just trim it.

Like this:
Well lookie there!
And there's a nice little opening at the bottom for me to pull it's guts out. Do just that.
Once it's right-side-out, iron the seams flat, and fold the points under to make a "finished" edge.
Start sewing at the point and make your round again, with a 1/8-1/4" seam allowance. (Below shows where I started my back stitch).
And voila!!!! You're done!
I still need to add the snaps (or Velcro if you prefer) but that's very easy, and they come with instructions when you buy them.

I apologize about the crappy photos, they were taken with my phone, my computer is down and I have zero access to my beloved photoshop! Hope it gives you the gist though:) I'd be happy to answer any questions!


  1. Those are some pretty awesome bibs. Great always!

  2. What a GREAT job! I have a couple of friends expecting... I'm going to have to remember this when it's time to get the baby gifts going!