Thursday, December 8, 2011

Magnetic Key Board

It's not what you thought, huh? I've had this particular idea for quite some time now, but needed to find some ooberly strong magnets to pull it off. So I mentioned it to my husband and voila, a solution was presented. He works as a DVR technician, and in every computer he works with, there are two magnets in the hard drives. So when the hard drives go bad, they often go through the somewhat meticulous task of dismantling it and using ONE of the magnets to hold up tape guns. You heard me right, those big, hefty red ones.

So he brought me home a few (Free! The best deal ever!) and I traced the outlines of four magnets onto a wooden plaque, had my husband whittle it out with a leatherman (I'm sure there are better tools for the task) and used gorilla glue, with a folded sheet of computer paper sandwiched  between the wood and a book, with a heavy object on it overnight. Of course the paper got stuck to it, but I knew I had to sand out the bumps anyway, so it worked out great! Once I had the surface smooth as can be, I painted it white and mod-podged some scrapbook paper onto it to make this cute, and very handy key-holder. No hooks needed! I love it, I would make another one for my belts if only the buckles were magnetic! Cool right???

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