Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bridal Shower Games!

For my best friend's bridal shower, I found some cute games and activities via Pinterest and made them my own. This was way too much fun to do! The first game is "find the groom".  It's super simple, but fun when everyone's pulling out their celebrity and comparing quotes. Grumpy Cat and Robert Downey Jr. are my favorites:) 

How to Play: Each guest is handed a sealed envelope. Have everyone open their envelope, and whoever has the groom wins a prize.

The second activity are some fun mad-libs! (The blue one is my favorite). Everyone fills out the sheet on the right, and then fills in the blanks because it's just funnier that way, and makes it so people can't cheat! The best mad-lib wins!

The third game we played was a little different take on the "Toilet Paper Bride". It's called the "WHITE TRASH BRIDE". The guests are split into two teams, each team chooses a bride to dress up, and using an assortment of white trash that's in the boxes you supply, go to work! What I put in my boxes:

White duct tape. Q-tips. Twisty ties. Lots of tissue paper. Cotton balls. Tinsel. Toilet Paper. Hair bands (from the dollar store). 

It was SO fun to see what everyone came up with! 


  1. How can I change the Bride Lib to my bride to be and her groom for our party? Is there a template that I can use where I can change that portion?