Sunday, March 4, 2012

Old Poems

This particular poem is mirrored. I had never seen this be done before, but wanted to write a poem that could be read word-for-word backwards and still be pertinent. I purposefully and carefully crafted it to portray death as it happens, through the eyes of the deceased. Written in 2006. 

(Then, only then you’ll see.)

Look there, look! See—then die.
Hearts darkened, darkened from sadness and smiles lost of light.
Forgotten, say never!
In there hidden but
Seen only, not loved
Are memories and friends forgotten
The darkness guided from moving hearts
Informs heaven of something;
Life becomes death, oh death!
Dark and bleak and cruel and unforgiving
So, seems it bitter.
Stop! Don’t go! Hear and listen
Voices deep inside.
Forever going, desperately;
Look! Blindly look! See—then die.

Die then see. Look! Blindly look!
Desperately going forever;
Inside deep voices
Listen and hear. Go! Don’t stop!
Bitter it seems
So unforgiving and cruel and bleak and dark
Death oh death becomes life
Something of heaven informs
Hearts moving from guided darkness.
The forgotten friends and memories
Are loved, not only seen
But hidden therein
Never say forgotten!
Light of lost smiles and sadness from darkened, darkened hearts
Die—then see. Look, there look!
Then, only then you’ll see.

My Last Horizon

The older I get the younger I die
Behold the wary passer-by
In frigid fright of first my breath
I hold upon my own bod’s death
And cringe in simple sweetness oft
In deepened thought nay hard nor soft
Upon life’s lock the ship-gates swung
And soon the years of death are young
And none are left but yet a few
My sorrows, joys, forever due
I now am young, though old I be
From life, from death, become I free.


As I have been filtering through my old documents, I've come across dozens and dozens of poems I don't ever remember writing. It's fun to read them so many years later!

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